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Best Sex Machine Guide [2022]

Best premium tripod vertical sex machine for sale for men and women

Sex machine also called fuckin machines, many people may not be familiar with this product and may not know how to choose the appropriate style of sex machine and the accessories they can be used with. In this guide, we will introduce our company’s products in depth. Our sex machines are high performance, reasonably priced, […]

Sex Machine A9 Installation Instruction

Step1: Install the thrusting rod and do not remove the lubricant on the rod. Insert the smaller end of the thrusting rod into the 2 bearing holes. After inserting thrusting rod into the holes, please tighten the screws clockwise with hands or using the complimentary wrench. Step2: Plug the sex machine in and connect with […]

Operating Manual of A8I Sex machine Series

This sex machine is designed on the basis of simple, innovative, multi-functional, and ultra-quiet concept, with powerful function of all aspects, beyond peers with the same. Notice for use: Pay attention the direction of the sex machine, and avoid the wires and debris coming close to the rotaing part. It’s forbidden to energize the sex […]