Operating Manual of A8I Sex machine Series

This sex machine is designed on the basis of simple, innovative, multi-functional, and ultra-quiet concept, with powerful function of all aspects, beyond peers with the same.

Notice for use:

  1. Pay attention the direction of the sex machine, and avoid the wires and debris coming close to the rotaing part.
  2. It’s forbidden to energize the sex machine during the installation.
  3. Please turn off the controller and point it to 0 defore installation complete.
  4. After use , Must turen off the controller and point it to 0 for convenient use.
  5. The metal part of the lock rod is forbidden to meet the water, and it must be air-dried after washing. Otherwise, the lock will be invalid.
  6. Please use the earth wire, and disconnect the plug after use.
  7. The accessories can be washed, Do not store the accessories with metal, as they should be sotred separately to prevent the chemical reaction from melting. Note:(When the sex machine is running, the part must be empty, no one should  touch it, no ropes, wires, clothes, etc., close to the transmission part, to avoid danger!)

First, Lock the two sets of T-shaped.(Wrench in the rod) as shown:

1.Long center in the short, screw tightened. 2.Slowly buckle down the sheath.

Second, Assemble the T-shaped to the sex machine.(The label is facing up)

1.Release the handle and insert the T-shaped.  2.Adjust the height and buckle back the handle.

(There is a loose adjustment nut on the back of the handle. If the handle is not tightened or loose, the nut can be finely adjusted.)

3.Install the T-shaped on the other side and install it. The angle: The height of the two sides determines the sex machine angle and realize the angle change from -15 degrees to +40 degrees! It can be used in various postures!

Third, Install the power lock fittings.

  1. The left diagram and the locking screw is loosened 2 times counterclockwise (No more than 5 turns, otherwise the locking will be invalid). Then insert the rod from the front into the hole of the five-star screw, and lock it will be installed.
  2. Adjust the distance; No adjustment, please skip to the next! if need, the sex machine must turned off. Loosen the screw of the right diagram with the above-mentioned, and then slide the screw to adjust, And lock it.  For the first installation, add lubricant to the hole in which the rod is inserted. If the rod is  removed during storage, the lubricant should  be added at the next installation.

Fourth, Install accessories:(Elastic joints are not included, only demonstrate)

  1. The right hand is pulled the loop of the rod and hold it.
  2. Insert the fitting into the rod 0 release the loop(still docking) Hold the fittings, and hold the lever with and force the installation to the middle!  (If the loop does not rebound, the 2nd step, The rod and the accessory rotate and tighten at the same time, use the  thumb and index finger to push the loop net assembly direction to push the loop reset)
  3. Remove the accessories: Buckle the loop to remove the accessories. Violence is Forbidden to pull accessories forcibly. Error pulling will be damage.

Fifth, Connect the power supply and the controller.

  1. 1.Make sure that the controller off and adjusted to 0%, first plug the power supply, then connect to the controller.The sex machine has been installed and high speed test of spare parts should be avoided.

Sixth, The following are the boot steps of different versions.

Upgraded Version: Turn on the machine, then slowly accelerate the knob to run!

Ultimate Version: Turn on the machine ,and follow the next remote control method.

Collector’s Version: Operate according to one of the above two versions, but only one swith can be opened. For one operation, you need to turn off the other or do not connect the wire. When you operate the wireless, the wire knob should be set to 0.

Steps of remote control version:(Skip this step for wired version)

  1. First install the batteries correctly!
  2. Normal mode: press the ON/OFF on the remote control once, the buzzer will ring twice, the sex machine  will run at low speed, the press and hold the speed up or speed down key to accelerate or decelerate, and keep pressing and holding to stepless acceleration; Press the once ON/OFF to shut down.
  3. Frequency mode: (Please do not try to frequency conversion when you test the sex machine, the frequency machine will run at full speed, please make sure that the machine and posture are adjusted well) Press the ON/OFF key to start the machine, press the frequency key 3 times continuously, and press the third time to  enter the frequency conversion mode, every time you press will be sound! Then press once to change one frequency, a total of 18! Exit directly press the stop key. (In order to prevent the invalidity of pressing 1 or 2 times less than 3 times in the middle of misoperation, Need to enter frequency conversion mode, press frequency conversion 3 times again to enter!)

Adjust the angle of 90° to use: ( No need for operation for the first time)

  1. Change the handle and the black plastic pressure pad direction!
  2. Remove the one T-shaped, and put it down, untie the T-shape, install on the other side, thus the 90° installation completed.


Maintenance instructions:

The sex machine adopts self-lubricating bearing design, It is still recommended to add lubricating oil to the slide rail every 2-3 months or when the rail is dry to ensure smooth lubrication of the sex machine!



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