Sex Machine A9 Installation Instruction

Step1: Install the thrusting rod and do not remove the lubricant on the rod.

  1. Insert the smaller end of the thrusting rod into the 2 bearing holes.
  2. After inserting thrusting rod into the holes, please tighten the screws clockwise with hands or using the complimentary wrench.

Step2: Plug the sex machine in and connect with speed controller

connect to speed controller and plug the sex machine in.

5.Startup procedures for different sex machine versions:

  1. standard Version: Turn off the speed controller, plug the machine in and start it up.
  2. Flagship Version: Turn off all switches on sex machine, plug the machine in and operate the machine according to the remote instruction.
  3. Deluxe Version: Turn off all switches on sex machine, keep hand switch off, plug the machine in, connect with speed controller and operate the sex machine according  to remote instruction.

6.Accessories installation:

  1. Dildo Installation: push the ring to the end and insert dildo prior to releasing the ring
    1. Dildo Detachment: Push to ring to the end and remove dildo.Note: accessories are completely washable, yet thrusting cannot be washed; keep all accessories dry after washing; to prevent chemical reaction, accessories shall not be stored with metals. Methods for thrusting range & angle adjustment(No nedd for first use)

Thrusting range adjustment: rotate the knob 1-2 rounds anti-clockwise, pull it away from the pivot; the further it’s away from the pivot, the shorter the range is ,vice versa.

Angle Adjustment: rotate 2 knobs 1-2rounds anti-clockwise, and adjust the thrusting rod to appropriate angle. Tighten the 2 screws after adjustment.


  1. Turn off all switches and adjust speed to 0 prior to startup.
  2. Turn off the sex machine after using
  3. keep the thrusting rod away from water
  4. Unplug the sex machine after using
  5. For safety, no obstructions shall be around the transmission shaft while the machine is working.
  6. Warranty is not provided for machines damaged by inappropriate operation.


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